About GoodJobs4U

The software development landscape consists of a confusingly large number of competing platforms. Selecting which technologies to learn and use for development is a challenge for software developers, whether they be developers in training or experienced professionals. Likewise, educators face a difficult decision when selecting technologies to incorporate into the curriculum. In most institutions, the process of selecting technologies to teach students is not closely related to industry requirements.

The mismatch between skills that employers need and those that developers obtain from their formal education [cf. http://ccict.ca/news/the-growing-it-skills-gap] has serious economic consequences. The goal of this website is to reduce the mismatch by helping developers in training, practicing developers, and educators make informed choices about development technologies. It analyzes job postings and other sources published on the web to model and predict demand for key skill sets within specific professional groups and geographic regions.

It is a work in progress by David Rusk at the University of Victoria for his MSc program.