Intermediate Angular JS, Python, Rails, or PHP Developer

Go2Mobi (ConvertStar Inc.)

January 22, 2014

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Software Development
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Do you find yourself day dreaming on a daily basis?

Boring development projects got you down?

Seeking a place to grow and pump out cool stuff that you thought of, on a daily basis?

Well look no further! We’re looking for an enthusiastic and user-experience-oriented developer to join our growing team of awesome people!

Go2mobi is VIATeC's 2013 Start-up of the Year and is a mobile marketing company working with a global customer base to promote campaigns on mobile devices. You’ve already seen our ads in your favorite app… We’ve got an industry-leading system that allows advertisers to buy ad space smarter, and since our client base is exploding, we need an awesome person to work with us in expanding our feature set, streamlining the user-interface, taking an innovative projects we haven’t even thought of yet, and generally making sure our clients are getting the best experience in the industry. This is a great opportunity to work side by side with some of the biggest innovators in the mobile industry. Come join our collaborative, cerebral work environment!

We’re looking for team fit more than anything, but here are a few nice-to-haves:

  • 3-5 years minimum software development experience
  • Confidence with any or all Angular JS, Python, Rails, PHP
  • Self-starter: We’re a start-up company, and so you’ll need to take ownership and initiative in your role, we’re not going to
  • micro-manage you
  • Desire to work with one of the best development teams on the island
  • Positive attitude: We’re a pretty happy bunch of people, downers are sent to the corner
  • A curious mind that thrives on learning new technologies and improving existing ones
  • Foosball skill: We play foosball a couple times a day, maybe more on Friday
  • A genuine love of building! We love developers who have their own on-going projects outside of work. It shows you are a true coder at heart.
  • Dog-person: OK, this one’s more of a mandatory, we’ve got between one and three office dogs every day
  • An average day in the life of a Go2mobi Developer:
  • Roll in to work, grab a coffee (or tea, we won’t judge)
  • AM: Work with our 4 four other developers in building out our mobile-media-buying systems, play foosball
  • Lunch: Eat a nutritious and delicious meal (we’re above a Subway, just saying)
  • PM: Special projects (TBD depending on candidate interests & experience), play with dog, eat free snacks
  • Evenings, go home, have social life, every now and then, put in a couple extra hours to make sure projects get out the door
  • on schedule and in tip-top code

The fine print:

  • Competitive compensation is commensurate with experience
  • Flexible hours, basically 40 hrs/wk. 
How To Apply: 

Forrest Gump would say Go2mobi and Technology go together like "Peas and Carrots". No offence to Forrest, but Go2mobi is so much cooler than peas. We're more like what gravy is to poutine.

Love gravy? Well get in touch by sending your resume to!  

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