Project Manager - Product Development (Flo·Point™)

E.S.I. Environmental Sensors Inc.

May 08, 2014

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Job Category: 
Job Specialization: 
Project Management
Company Overview: 

Since 1973 ESI has been involved in the development and commercialisation of environmental sensors and systems used in the precise monitoring of water, its presence and movement. The Company's early client base was in salt water (marine) applications. In 2004, ESI made a corporate decision to focus exclusively on fresh water management and applications. The Company is now meeting growing market demand and regulatory requirements for accurate, versatile technologies where water management is critical. ESI also provides sensors and systems on an OEM basis. ESI has adapted its core technology into an instrument for measuring the water cut in producing oil wells. This technology, called Flo·Point™, can be applied in many other applications in the oil and gas and process control industries.

ESI is in the process of re-designing the original Flo·Point™ instrument and is looking for key team members to manage and execute this exciting and promising project.

Job Summary: 

Flo·Point™ is an inline water measurement sensor that measures water content in a hydrocarbon stream. Flo·Point™ can measure minimal amounts of hydrocarbon in a water stream in real-time over the whole volume of fluid flow. While the primary application and market focus for the instrument is the oil industry, Flo·Point™ is applicable to any industry which has a requirement to detect and measure water content of a hydrocarbon fluid stream.

ESI is in the process of re-designing the original Flo·Point™ instrument. There are several key staff members already in place for this significant product development project.  The Company is looking for a Project Manager who can manage the detailed tasks and unique technical personnel required to complete this dynamic project.  The Company has enterred into collaborative partnerships with Dycor Technologies, Harvest Energy and the Saskatchewan Research Council in order to carry out this project.  The Project Manager will manage the ESI technical team as well as liase with the other collaborative partners in bringing this demanding project development to completion.

Skills and Qualifications:
- Engineering degree or Technologist diploma (Electrical/Mechanical preferred)
- Formal training in Project Management (PMP, Agile, or demonstrated equivalence)
- Minimum ten years’ experience in disciplined and regulated Engineering development environments
- Minimum three years in project management and technical leadership roles
- Conversant with and good understanding of Engineering principles relating to physics, RF electronics and electromagnetics, Mechanical design, quality management systems, and design for manufacture
- Strong motivational, leadership, and team-building skills
- Ability to manage multiple Engineering disciplines at multiple inter-provincial sites
- Ability to navigate project management challenges in complex R&D environments

- Lead several technical teams through a complex, multi-stage device development program
- Develop a full suite of project management documents to meet regulatory requirements
- Work closely with development teams to meet evolving performance objectives
- Direct team members at various inter-provincial locations to achieve stated project milestones, on budget and on time.
- Manage resources, including staff, contractors, and equipment
- Manage relationships with project stakeholders and staff
- Report project status, risks, risk mitigations to stakeholders

How To Apply: 

Please provide your resume and covering letter as soon as possible via email to, Bernard Beauchesne, COO.