Web Application Developer

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)

July 16, 2014

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IT Management
Company Overview: 

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC)

The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) was created to assess climate impacts in the Pacific and Yukon Region of Canada. The goals of the Consortium are to foster collaborative research, to strengthen the capacity to address regional climate change and variability, and to provide the scientific basis for climate policy development. PCIC is a regional climate service centre at the University of Victoria that provides practical information on the physical impacts of climate variability and change. Through collaboration with climate researchers and regional stakeholders, PCIC produces knowledge and tools in support of long-term planning.  For more information about PCIC see: http://www.PacificClimate.org

Job Summary: 


The Web Application Developer works to develop and maintain online applications for serving and analyzing climate data. At present, we maintain a rack full of Linux servers at the University of Victoria which host hundreds of terabytes of high-resolution spatio-temporal climate data and model output. The challenge of this position is to design and implement technical solutions for using that data to interpret the effects of climate change on British Columbia.

Nature of Work

You will be a part of a talented and dedicated team that enables access to PCIC's flagship data products and innovative web-based analysis tools. You will play a key role in building applications that provide public access to and creative visualization of open and big data. Your code will see the light of day and be used immediately to study climate change.


  • Lead the front-end design and development and assist in back-end development of PCIC's Regional Analysis Tool (2.0)
  • Assist in maintenance and support of PCIC's Data Portal and Plan2Adapt tool
  • Assist in scientific programming support
  • Assist in IT support (storage/backup management, system administration) as needed

Knowledge, Experience & Abilities


  • Bachelor's degree majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field of study, or a commensurate level of experience
  • Knowledge of Big O notation and algorithm complexity analysis
  • Knowledge of basic linear statistics
  • Working knowledge (able to read and write) of 4+ programming languages (e.g. JavaScript, Python, R, Java)
  • Knowledge of one or more JavaScript client-side plotting library (e.g. nvd3.js, Rickshaw, xCharts, etc.) is desirable
  • Knowledge of Open Source Software (OSS) for geospatial and map projections is a plus.
  • Some knowledge of climate science is a plus.


  • Significant experience as a Linux user
  • Experience with distributed revision control software
  • Experience developing Open Source Software is desirable
  • Experience parallelizing large problems is desirable
  • Experience using profiling and debugging tools
  • Experience using relational databases and SQL (e.g. PostgreSQL)
  • Experience using Test Driven Development and writing automated test suites is a plus


  • Ability to estimate problem size and ability to process datasets which are larger than available RAM
  • Ability to work effectively and collegially with others inside and outside of the organization
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts to (non-computational) scientific staff

Employment period

This is a continuing position.

Weekly working hours

Full time (37.5 hours per week)

Pay rate

Commensurate with education and experience.

Additional information: Address enquiries to James Hiebert <climate@uvic.ca>.

How To Apply: 

Application:  Please send your application with a resume and contact information for three professional references, to Mr. James Hiebert, climate@uvic.ca, with “ATTN: Web Application Developer” in the subject line. Please indicate whether you are legally able to work in Canada.