E-learning Instructional Designer

RaceRocks 3D Inc.

August 06, 2014

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Job Category: 
Job Specialization: 
Software Development
Company Overview: 

RaceRocks 3D is looking for an entrepreneurial spirited team member in Victoria BC Canada. The E-learning Instructional Designer will design and develop E-learning and Gamified skills training applications for various government and aerospace clients.

Job Summary: 


  • Communicate with client SME’s
  • Conducting needs assessments in order to examine human performance issues, including:
    • Conducting performance analyses;
    • Conducting cause analyses; and
    • Identifying solutions and making recommendations.
  • Assisting in specifying the required training and education outcomes in terms of essential on-job performance, including:
    • Performing job task analysis;
    • Specifying performance/education/learning objectives (POs/EdOs/LOs); and
    • Producing Qualification Standards (QSs)/ Knowledge standards (KS).
  • Describing and/or selecting an instructional program, including:
    • Defining learner characteristics;
    • Performing instructional and learning paths analysis;
    • Preparing learning assessment plans;
    • Designing learning assessment instruments;
    • Identifying and costing instructional/blended learning strategies;
    • Specifying instructional strategies;
    • Specifying learning content and lesson guidance; and
    • Producing lesson guidance documentation (design guidance documents and scripted storyboards).
  • Producing effective Learning instructional materials, including:
    • Identifying training/performance requirements and determining sources of Learning materials;
    • Making recommendations on the procurement of instructional materials;
    • Developing style guides;
    • Producing instructional Learning materials;
    • Conducting beta testing and formative evaluations of Learning instructional material to ensure compliance with specified standards and client requirements, and revising as required;
    • Design of student evaluation must ensure correct level. Evaluation should consider level at which students will be required to perform and include level at appropriate level of Bloom's taxonomy;
    • Preparing Instructors for the use / implementation of Learning instructional materials into training programs; and
    • Recording development costs of Learning instructional materials.
    • Evaluating instructional materials for possibility of conversion to eLearning in whole or in part IAW Defence Learning Network Courseware Development Guidelines, or equivalent and provide cost estimates of level of effort to convert legacy courseware to eLearning.
  • Deliverables may include but are not limited to:
    • Needs Assessment Report;
    • Qualification Standard (QS);
    • Training Plan (TP) or curriculum;
    • Design Guidance Document;
    • Final Scripted Storyboards;
    • Style guides;
    • Learning instructional materials; and
    • Evaluation Report.


  • Experience creating E-Learning
  • Experience with Instructional Design
  • University Degree
  • Education, Adult Learning or E-learning degree or program an Asset
  • Gamification Experience an Asset
  • Multi Media Experience an Asset
  • Mobile Experience an Asset
  • Defence / Aerospace / Government knowledge an asset
  • Highly Creative
  • Proactive
  • Leader
  • Organized
  • Strong Communications Skills



How To Apply: 

Please send resume to careers@racerocks3d.com, links to examples of work, and at least 3 references.