Operations Engineer


October 15, 2014

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Software Development
Company Overview: 

About MediaCore
We’re a small team, based in Bastion Square, Victoria, and we’re passionate about education.

Universities and schools all over the world are realizing that, in 2014, video is an essential educational tool and we’re making sure that students can use that tool to learn anywhere, anytime. MediaCore provides an award-winning solution that takes the complexity out of capturing video, building a media library, sharing content, and delivering an exceptional learning experience. Our software is used by many top-tier universities and innovative schools all over the world.

If you want to work with an incredible team building tools that are helping make a global impact for students and teachers, then we’d love to hear from you!

Job Summary: 

The Role

  • As an Operations Engineer, you’ll be involved in overseeing and day-to-day maintenance of all Cloud-based and Colocation-based infrastructure services for the MediaCore platform.
  • A few of the things your predecessors/coworkers have done:
  • Created Chef-based and Ansible-based deployment setups for streamlined management of server software and configuration
  • Written the tooling needed for developers to spin up a staging stack
  • Written the tooling needed to add and remove application servers as load scales
  • Configured centralized logging servers to take log output from all of our applications and make it searchable
  • Kept on top of security notifications and ensured all servers are updated to the latest packages


  • Managing colocated servers and relationship with colocation vendor
  • Managing AWS services and instances
  • Analyzing requirements for and creating/modifying infrastructure
  • Creating and improving deployment tooling
  • Cleaning up and writing a post mortem report when security issues or infrastructure failures arise (e.g. rotating servers and keys after heartbleed)
  • System diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Helping support with debugging errors
  • Estimating time and monetary costs of projects
  • Keeping base images of systems tested and up to date
  • Ensuring service uptime by constantly trying to improve redundancy and detect/prevent errors
  • Assist with managing and improvement of policies regarding information security
  • Mentoring other members on the team about infrastructure tools and practices
  • Ensuring all systems (old and new) have appropriate monitoring to detect problems as quickly as possible
  • Participating in an on-call rotation for infrastructure issues


  • Platforms
    • Most of the work is through AWS so familiarity with AWS
    • Hypervisor concepts and virtualization is important
    • Deep knowledge and understanding of Linux (ideally you’re distro agnostic, but you must be familiar with Ubuntu)
    • Must be comfortable spinning up an EC2 or RDS instance
    • Experience getting bare metal access to a colocated server and starting from scratch
  • Languages (and how you feel about them)
    • Python: proficiency and undying love
    • Ruby: thinly veiled disdain masked as weak tolerance
    • Go: fleeting fancy, as in seen across a room, chatted with, slipped your number

Nice To Haves (the more the better!)

  • Chef and/or Ansible
  • Sensu and/or Nagios
  • Vagrant, Packer and/or Docker
  • Logstash and/or Kibana
  • ElasticSearch
  • Git
  • RabbitMQ
  • New Relic
  • Single Sign On (OAuth 2.0, SAML, and related software/services)
  • Build automation tools like Travis
  • Distributed service management (etcd, zoo keeper etc.)
  • VMWare and creation of VMWare images
  • Experience setting up a cloud service in Canada
  • Advanced grasp of MySQL features
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