Technical Support, Sales, Marketing, Program and Administrative Support


October 16, 2014

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Job Specialization: 
Company Overview: 

Sparklit is a team of web design professionals passionate about building amazing web apps. We started the business back in 1999 and our goals haven't changed: Have fun, do great work, create the best products in the market and keep learning.

Job Summary: 

We are looking for a well rounded tech-savvy person to help out with various facets of our business including customer support, communications, correspondence with clients, social media, content creation, and administrative tasks among other things.

You will do well if you are a quick learner, enjoy speaking with people, are highly detail oriented, have a great attitude and enjoy a small, flexible, team environment.

Some Traits We are Looking For:  

You generally find it easy to figure out new technology
You figured out your PVR without reading the instruction booklet
Other people call you for help when their 'internet' is broken
You are very well spoken and write well (technical writing experience a plus)
You enjoy speaking with and helping people
You work well in an unstructured environment
If you have ever needed to ask for help using your iphone this job is not for you
Diploma, Degree or Technical Certification is an asset but not required
Understanding of programming languages or databases is an asset
Understanding of HTML/CSS/Javascript is also an asset

How To Apply: 

Please email with your resume and anything else you want to show us.  Thanks for taking the time to apply!