Multidisciplinary Hardware and Software Engineer

Viion Systems Inc.

March 09, 2015

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Company Overview: 

Viion Systems Inc. is an innovative computer vision technology firm headquartered in Victoria, BC. The first to develop Active Presence Detection and Identification solutions, Viion develops intelligent surveillance products that effectively and seamlessly secures data, people and assets. Viion’s solutions are trusted by public and private organisations worldwide.  Beyond a technology company, Viion is an organisation built on its highly motivated and skilled team comprised of individuals that are passionate about computer vision technology and developing practical solutions for our clients.

Job Summary: 

Are you a fearless, multitalented hardware engineer with solid C++ skills?  Climb out of that box and see what you can become!

Viion Systems is seeking an experienced polyvalent engineer to handle electronic product design and embedded software development.  This is a management-track position with a competitive salary and will offer guided experience and growth in the following areas:

  • Electronic hardware design
  • Modern C++ software development
  • Mechanical design (including robotic components)
  • Linux kernel development
  • Design management & team leadership

Target Career Profile:

  • Electrical Engineer (minimum B.Sc or B.Eng in EE or related field)
  • Experienced, mid-career professional with good track record
  • Able to design electronics (sch, pcb) with high speed signals, analog and power supplies
  • Looking for challenge and growth, with commensurate compensation
  • Lives in or willing to relocate to Victoria BC or nearby communities
  • May have graduate school experience in robotics or computer vision research, or related fields
  • Great communicator with plenty of experience arguing constructively in a design team context
How To Apply: 

If this sounds like you, please reach out to with your cv and your answer to the following challenges.

  1. Design (hand sketch is fine) a latching power switch circuit with the following requirements
    • Must draw zero current (< 1 uA) in off state
    • Capable of sourcing 1 A
    • Switched on high-side so that ground is continuous
    • Fewer than 6 components
    • Driven by a single pushbutton switch
  2. Explain what you must do to layout a reliable PCIe channel between a computer on module (COM) and a MiniPCIe socket.  Include a sketch illustrating the layout.
  3. Write a C++ abstract base class which uses RTTI to identify (by name) its derived classes