Senior Software Developer -- Product Advancement

ParetoLogic Inc

March 31, 2015

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Job Specialization: 
Software Development
Company Overview: 

Based in Victoria, B.C., ParetoLogic is a thriving software company that develops and globally markets Internet security and safety software. Our company enjoys a dynamic and team oriented work environment in which all ideas and innovations are welcome and each employee has the opportunity to shine. The diversity of the products and solutions we create is matched only by the people we work with.

Job Summary: 

The Senior Software Developer for the Product Advancement Group is responsible for driving the evolution of products and services to deliver exceptional value to the end user. They use their exceptional expertise to meet the needs of the team in their mission to advance the technology of existing and future products through the exploration of new concepts. The role includes conceptualizing products, services and feature sets, creating models and software for initial market penetration and ensuring appropriate integration and design documents as well as the validation of architecture is completed to ensure business needs are delivered.

As a creative individual and an active team player, the Senior Software Developer enjoys and thrives in the fast-pasted and highly skilled software development environment. They also have a proven mastery of technologies and environments that they have worked with in the past, and are able to learn and master new technologies and environments as appropriate such as DB analysis, GUI Design, C#/ASP.NET development, C++/MFC, JQuery development as well as determining team best practices within their area of responsibility, and reviewing, critiquing, and approving designs and implementations from other developers.

Reporting Structure:
President & CEO
VP of Business Operations
Product Advancement - Senior Software Developer

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Working with business to conceptualize products, services and feature sets that deliver exceptional value to the end user in alignment with corporate strategic objectives
• Determining a product or feature's technical feasibility, probable cost and time to implement
• Articulating architectural and product direction internally and to other functional teams to ensure successful execution
• Actively participate in architectural and technical design with the Software Development Manager and/or other software developers.
• Creation of system and product architecture, together with necessary documentation, workflows and mock-ups, enabling successful implementation of the conceptual vision in alignment with business strategy
• Create software designs and other appropriate technical specifications for assigned components with guidance and supervision from either the Development Manager or another senior developer.
• Develop software implementations according to established development processes and coding standards with a focus on delivering high quality results in a timely fashion.
• Ability to run a rapid development project in conjunction with other developers
• Perform the initial component testing for their components and work with development team on performing initial integration tests as components are combined to create larger components and the overall product.
• Confirm that the implementation aligns with the architectural requirements defined for the project
• Participate in the requirements analysis and feature specification phase of projects as a key stakeholder
• Coordinate with the product development team to ensure that all necessary technical information is provided to enable the integration and testing of outputs into new or current products.
• Work with pre-existing software implementations to perform routine maintenance (i.e. bug fixes) and to apply architectural improvements to maintain consistency with newer products.
• Demonstrate a sound technical understanding of the internal technologies that are used on the Paretologic Development team.
• Locate and identify solutions for a wide variety of technical challenges
• Routinely archive and maintain an organized structure for the software that is developed using the company's specified source control system and with guidance from the development manager.
• Create appropriate documentation to convey information to team members, members of others teams in the department, as well as staff throughout the company.

Senior Accountabilities:
• Expertise
- Subject Matter Expert for at least one large portion of responsibilities, highly knowledgeable in all others -- go to person for team as seen by peers/leadership
- SMART targets: Be able to propose and implement metrics and processes for the organization that increase effectiveness of teams, pushing teams to meet short and long term milestones on an ongoing basis based on historical and expert estimation and backed by team accountability.
• Reporting/Accountability
- Consistent, high-quality reporting on deliverables
- Fully accountable for all areas of job description
• Initiative
- Identify internal/external to team issues, establish contingencies, and remediate with other seniors/managers
- Positive attitude while driving corporate initiatives
• Mentorship/Development
- Takes responsibility for own development, creates development plans/proposals as necessary to meet needs
- Mentors other team members on a consistent basis
- Identifies personnel weaknesses and addresses with minimal direction with other seniors/managers as necessary
- Ongoing feedback for individuals they interact with, including recognition of strong performance

Above all else, we employ exceptional individuals as members of our talented development team. Our #1 criteria for development staff is team fit, so personal character and the proven ability to contribute within a team environment are critical to our success.

For this position, the specific competencies are:
• Above average to excellent coding skills
• A demonstrable ability to learn and master new technologies and environments.
• Be a quick thinker, fast learner and excellent problem solver
• Ability to handle shifting priorities, strategies and be able to meet long term goals
• Good understanding of both the use and management of the Paretologic source control system.
• Excellent understanding of various Software Development Lifecycle methodologies (e.g. SCRUM, Waterfall, XP).
• Strong knowledge of all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Mobile OS (iOS/Android)
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to define, implement and present development best practices within a given area of technical expertise.
• Ability to review, understand, and critique implementations from other developers and designers.
• Strong written communication skills
• Must be a highly motivated self-starter, a strong team player, and show initiative when the opportunity presents itself.

How To Apply: 

Submission Information
If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit While we thank all candidates for their interest, only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted further.