Experienced Python / NoSQL Developer

Limbic Media

May 05, 2015

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Software Development
Company Overview: 

About Us

Limbic Media/Consulting is an exciting and energetic company that is out to change the world.   We specialize in real-time interactive multimedia control technologies, along with cutting edge real-time data acquisition systems. Based in Victoria BC Canada, Limbic was the 2014 VIATeC Member of the year, as well as finalist for Team of the Year.

We are a casual culture company that is dedicated to excellence with a passionate team of amazing people.  Innovation and authenticity are our core values, and we maintain a firm belief in work/life balance.  Work is done in the Agile form, iterating forward with developer centric practices and processes.

We offer competitive salaries, benefits and employee stock options.

Job Summary: 

About You

You are passionate about web technologies.  You know that there is no reason the majority of application software cannot be run from the cloud and you are on a mission to prove it.

You are a data wrangler.  You understand scaling of web services. You see problems before they occur and work to create solutions before they manifest. 10 transactions? No problem. 1,000,000 transactions? No problem.

You are a team player. You write code you are proud of but you do not need to own your code. You are humble.  You know that teamwork creates higher quality outcomes that are more efficient, thoughtful, and effective, as well as faster. You understand the individual benefits of teamwork including mutual support and a greater sense of accomplishment.

You believe in Kaizen or “continuous improvement” not only for the code you write and refactor but as a professional. You need to be constantly learning and growing to be happy.

About the Position

Limbic Media is looking for someone with experience managing backend processes on NoSQL based web applications. You will be working on a web application that uses remote real-time sensor data to give an up to the moment overview of complex distributed processes. The ability to manage large amounts of high bandwidth data on the in a real-time web application is critical.

This position requires you to be legally and physically able to work in Victoria BC, Canada.


  • Create and manage Python systems to process and analyze large amounts of data in real time
  • Refine data analysis algorithms to distill key insights for our users
  • Optimize and manage MongoDB and Redis servers with high-performance requirements
  • Write unit tests for all your code
  • Review your peers’ code and iterate on your own code based on the suggestions of your peers
  • Configure cloud systems for efficiency and reliability

Skills and Technologies

  • Python.
  • NoSQL databases: MongoDB, redis.
  • Cloud configuration (we currently use AWS)
  • Linux, git, Nose, GeoJSON
  • An open mind and able to thrive in a real R&D development.
  • Effective communication and ability to work on teams is essential.


  • Degree in Computer Science or Engineering  (or tell us about your equivalent experience)
How To Apply: 

We understand that a resume might not fully reflect how good you are and that is why we cannot wait to start talking to you. 

Please be considerate for both your time and ours and follow these steps when responding to this job post:

  1. In ONE short paragraph tell us why you are a good at what you do - Hint: this will tell us how good your communication skills are
  2. List your top 3 areas of expertise and why you are amazing with them - Hint: this will tell us if you are a fit for the team

Email your resume and cover letter to workforus@limbicconsulting.ca with the information requested above.