Content Marketing Manager

Flow Software

June 10, 2015

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Job Category: 
Job Specialization: 
Sales and Business Development
Company Overview: 

Flow is a task management app built for teams that want to get more done. Thousands of businesses around the world use Flow every day to plan projects, prioritize to-dos, delegate tasks, and collaborate beautifully. It's the drop-dead gorgeous alternative to feature obsessed task apps that try to do too much and take weeks to adopt.

Joining Flow means working with our world-class team, enjoying flexible work hours, competitive benefits, and unlimited vacation. Our base in downtown Victoria is just steps from the inner harbour among some of Western Canada's most popular eateries, coffee houses, and breweries; but if that's not for you we're remote friendly!

Job Summary: 

We’re seeking a talented marketer with a borderline-unhealthy passion for writing and storytelling to join our company as a Content Marketing Manager. The Content Marketing Manager is responsible for creating and promoting an ongoing series of stories, articles, and angles to support Flow’s growth strategy.

To be a smashing success on our team, you must understand how people seek out, consume, and share information online, particularly in the B2B space. Apart from being a demonstrably great writer (and overall nice person), you “get” how to transform simple ideas into engaging and shareable stories. The Content Marketing Manager should have a singular focus on providing value to readers.

Our dreamiest candidate possesses:

  • A body of published content that you can point us to.
  • 2-3 years (or more if you’ve got ‘em) of digital marketing or content marketing experience, preferably in the B2B space (no degree required, but you gotta have the chops).
  • Exceptional ability to tell stories and hook readers.
  • Practical experience creating “epic” blog posts (2,500+ words) and familiarity with the Skyscraper technique for creating original content.
  • Persistent itch to promote your content on the Internets.
  • Fearless approach to building relationships with influencers in our space.
  • Clear understanding of how content marketing, email marketing, PR, and social media interact and help companies grow.
  • Excellent  proofreedingskills. You must know the difference between lose and loose. And they’re, there, and their. Its and it’s. And how NOT to use an apostrophe for pluralization (The 1900s were a time of change).
  • Contempt for email as a communication tool — and a love for group chat!
  • An obsessive desire to write executive bios and press releases. (Just kidding!)