Operations Engineer

KIXEYE Canada Ltd

July 10, 2015

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Job Category: 
Job Specialization: 
Software Development
Job Summary: 

KIXEYE is in need of some highly skilled, crafty and tenacious people who can wrassle billions of electrons to the ground for 3 out of 3 pins – the arena being an at-scale web and mobile gaming environment using modern tech stacks. Big data, cloud, async, nosql, security… All the Things!

Ideally we’re looking for seasoned, hardened ops people who have been around the block a few times and know how to deal with the unexpected and handle legacy or inherited systems, as well as how to build solid infrastructure from the ground up and then manage it efficiently. 

There’s also a lot of talent on the team already, and as such we’re open to less-senior teammates that have the aptitude, smarts, drive and trainability needed for us to help them grow into that hardened veteran.

Rather than list off the myriad tech bits we use, let’s just say we’re looking for people who know their sh*t… or people who know how to figure that sh*t out. If you know your way around the underbelly of the modern web, and you are up for the challenge of learning while making a difference for both your team and the product, we want to talk to you. We have a lot of customers and a passion for making sure they’re well served, and we’re continuously building, refining, and scaling our stacks.

How To Apply: 

KIXEYE offers a highly sought-after work environment, and we are very serious about keeping our employees happy. You won’t want to work anywhere else once you see how we roll.

Please send your resume to clayton@kixeye.com, and include a two-sentence anecdote about reptile struggling with a moral dilemma.