Director, Windows Hosting

HP Advanced Solutions Inc.

August 18, 2015

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Job Category: 
Management and Operations
Job Specialization: 
Software Development
Job Summary: 


Infrastructure Services provides the leadership, delivery and support of information technology (IT) solutions that provide a hosting infrastructure for the BC Government and Broader Public Sector.  Other key clients include the BC Ministry of Finance and the BC Pension Corporation as well as HP Advanced Solutions internal IT infrastructure. Infrastructure Services clients include those whose business is broad, highly diversified and involve functions critical to public safety, in fulfilling mission critical mandates and service quality commitments.

Infrastructure Services provides delivery and support for Data Centers, Networks, Mainframe Computing, Midrange Computing, Storage & Backup, and Database and Middleware using state of the art tools and following industry best practices through Service Management.

Infrastructure Services also provides internal IT support for HP Advanced Solutions including back office support in areas such as Exchange and SharePoint, as well as IT Helpdesk services among others.

Infrastructure Services is organized into 6 Departments:

  • Mainframe Services – Provide Mainframe infrastructure, interactive (e.g. CICS, IMS, DB2) and system software, operations, scheduling, security, and database services;
  • Network Services - Provides network, load balancing, intrusion prevention and firewall services.  Serves as the link between HP Enterprise Services (HPES) groups that provision services and clients that consume services;
  • Windows & Shared Services - Provides delivery and support to the IT hosting infrastructure under the Windows Server platform for over 2600 physical and virtual servers, including security services, directory services, server management & support, Province-wide Shared File services supporting over 35,000 users.  Responisble for the delivery of the Managed Print Service in support of over 3,000 print devices across the Province.  Deploys and manages web services hosting for BC Government web sites and CITRIX infrastructure services;
  • UNIX & Virtualization - Provides infrastructure support for virtualization infrastructure, including VMware, Solaris and AIX. Also responsible for operational UNIX support, delivery, setup and management.  Support is currently provided for nearly 1600 physical and virtual servers;
  • Storage and Backup Services - Provides the support for the Enterprise Storage Area Network infrastructure, which involves the configuration and management of storage arrays, fibre channel switches and the storage network topology and connectivity. Provides offline data protection for the purpose of recoverability through support of the application and infrastructure required for delivery of this service. This includes configuration and management of Virtual Disk Libraries, robotic tape libraries, backup and restores applications, and management of physical media;
  • Database and Middleware Services - Provides database and middleware services including installation, configuration and maintenance of databases with a major focus on Oracle.  Support is also provided for other technologies including OpenVMS;
  • Service Management - Supports core service support processes and organizes the information necessary for delivery of technical services, focusing on increasing efficiency through sustainable, continuous improvement.  Support services include Incident & Problem management, Change management, Request (order) management and Asset management as well as Help Desk and IMAC support;
  • Common Infrastructure Support – Provides all internal Infrastructure Technology needs for HP Advanced Solutions such as workstations, LAN, Voice, Email, Mobility, etc.;
  • Data Centre Management - Handles Data Centre facilities while providing support of remote sites, including receiving, racking, relocating, and decommissioning equipment.  Common Infrastructure Support; and
  • Cloud Services, Monitoring, and Automation - Responsible for the development and administration of HP Advanced Solutions Virtual Private Cloud Services.  Provides leveraged monitoring and software automation services as well as support for the Service Management tool suite. 


The Director of Windows Hosting, Infrastructure Services, leads the provision of Microsoft and Citrix oriented hosting services to ensure Ministry business applications are operationally optimized, stable, and secure. In this key central role, the Director defines outcomes and service levels and is accountable for providing the full range of IT operations management and support across all government programs, consistent with legislation and government policy.  This includes financial and administrative management of government-wide procurement of technology to meet the evolving demands of government programs and priorities.  The Director also provides strategic advice on IT operations, including security and privacy, to the Executive Director and the Government CIO.

The Director participates in Ministry projects, and assists Ministries in evaluation of proposals for major new government business applications. The position assesses industry trends and government plans, and refines business development strategy and related budgets, staffing and sourcing strategies to address evolving client service needs.

The Director is responsible for the overall function of the unit including strategic planning, goal setting, program design, organization design, resource allocation, program monitoring, and evaluation, and effective liaison with many external stakeholders. The Director defines outcomes and service levels and is accountable for providing the full range of IT operations management and support across all government programs, consistent with legislation and government policy.  This includes financial and administrative management of government-wide procurement of technology to meet the evolving demands of government programs and priorities.  The Director also provides strategic advice on IT operations, including security and privacy, to the Executive Director and the Government CIO.


  • Directs a business unit and establishes service level agreements consistent with ministry program requirements, and industry capabilities and guidelines.  Establishes customer service policies and procedures, and fulfils a senior role in the escalation of serious operational incidents.  Leads the development and implementation of incident management communications;
  • Oversees ministry projects and assists ministries in the evaluation of proposals for major new government business applications.  Collaborates with Customer Relationship Managers and Customer Business Analyst Account Directors to evaluate opportunities and resolve service issues.  Ensures that customers/clients receive clearly defined, current and relevant IT services (e.g. update/create service descriptions for services provided).  Initiates and manages procurement of IT goods and services, leads contract negotiations, and oversees the management, administration and delivery of a variety of complex contracts;
  • Designs and implements services and appropriate business models.  Develops long-term plans that lead to improved methods for government to perform its internal and external business in alignment with an e-government framework.  Evaluates new technologies, sets operational standards and develops best practices for systems management and risk management, and manages operational service levels.  Ensures systems are in place to secure database servers and infrastructure from unauthorized access.  Implements data and systems management practices that protect the privacy of individuals and government information;
  • Directs operations to respond effectively to dynamic client demand and changing government structure.  Designs and operates a client- centered “shared services” delivery model that ensures clients receive quality services.  Develops and maintains effective liaison with clients, customers, government specialists, internal service providers, and private sector suppliers to ensure clients are provided with cost-effective service alternatives, and new and innovative solutions to improve service offerings.  Negotiates and leads the establishment of maintenance routines and other Enterprise agreements with major hardware vendors to meet established service levels;
  • Directs operations to ensure clients clearly understand their service relationship (e.g. service level expectations, business processes, roles and responsibilities, and financial obligations);
  • Leads the streamlining of internal business processes to drive efficiency and quality of delivery.  Ensures business decisions that impact corporate interests of government regarding IT infrastructure and sector or individual ministry needs can be rationalized to clients;
  • Participates in committees (e.g. Joint Technology Standards Working Group) to develop new standards.  Recommends the integration of services and financial models to provide common IT infrastructure;
  • Leads Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Processes as required.  Ensures that the business unit’s needs are articulated within the overall Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan;
  • Provides authoritative advice and recommendations to the Executive Director and other senior officials regarding the business unit direction, preparation, administration, monitoring, and reallocation of budgets and resources, and on a range of issues and strategies relating to the business needs, problems, solutions, and critical success factors for clients and the technology dependent portions of their mandates;
  • Assists with the examination of alternate service delivery approaches within the branch in order to optimize use of internal resources and make more effective use of private sector resources while reducing risk;
  • Collaborates with the Purchasing Services Branch to develop and execute RFPs, ITQs and service contracts;
  • Acts as a member of the branch management team and contributes to the annual branch business plan.  Acts on behalf of the Executive Director as required;
  • Leads strategic planning, goal setting, program development and implementation for the unit; and
  • Sets goals for staff and effectively manages their performance. Provides a strong focus on team building and staff development. Clearly and regularly communicates the strategic direction of the organization to the Windows Hosting team.


  • Manages a team of Team Leaders with 32 staff and provides overall leadership and direction to a team of skilled systems professionals, and advances the principles of quality client service by promoting a team approach and creating and maintaining an environment that encourages and motivates staff and offers opportunity for career development; and
  • Responsible for hiring, performance management, training and succession plans for the group.


Type of report

Direct (directly supervises assigned staff) # 2-3

Type of report

Indirect reports (supervises through subordinate supervisors) #30



Supervises students or volunteers YES

Provides formal training to other staff YES

Leads project teams YES

Assigns, monitors, and examines work of staff YES


Education and Experience

  • Degree preferred in computer science, information management, public administration, business administration or related discipline, and extensive experience in the management of information technology, or
  • Equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Five years’ experience working in a demanding results-oriented environment at management level;
  • Five years supervisory experience over 10 or more staff;
  • Demonstrated experience providing strategic direction and advice to executives;
  • Extensive experience in strategic planning and complex problem and issues resolution;
  • Experience developing policy, managing projects, and managing budgets; and
  • Considerable experience developing a range of internal and external stakeholder relationships and engagement in the implementation of change strategies.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of business and program planning and development.
  • Knowledge of ITIL
  • Knowledge of program performance measurement.
  • Knowledge of standards development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of project and contract management, processes and best practices.
  • Customer service.
  • Business processes including those related to human resources, budgeting, financial management, procurement and contract management.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Superior negotiation and influence management skills.
  • Ability to develop key contacts and maintain effective working relationships and strategic partnerships with a variety of groups and individuals.
  • Ability to establish program goals, priorities and standards.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Capable of implementing and managing service platforms in compliance with a cost model and contract Statement of Work.
  • Competent in upholding contract commitments and identifying and documenting service improvement opportunities.
  • Ability to present solutions to clients based on their needs.
  • Ability to lead, develop, motivate, engage and align teams.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with people in all levels outside and inside the organization.
  • Demonstrated ability in public speaking and presentation.
  • Conflict management, problem determination and resolution skills.
  • Proven interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills that have been proven in an environment of high demands.


All HPAS leaders display the following attributes and behaviors.

  • Always accountable
  • Will to win
  • Passion for customers
  • Highly capable and innovative
  • People and team developer
How To Apply: 

Please send your resume and cover letter to